Spring is upon us! Well....kinda. It was gorgeous today, so after the gym, my new friend Jasmine sent me a text asking if I wanted to get together for a little fun in the city. We had a blast! We started out at a sushi restaurant, and I was so excited for Jasmine to have sushi for the first time (well, giving it another chance..and actually liking it!). It was delish! After sushi, we continued on our "Jasmine's Firsts" and headed over to Pinkberry where I got the Lychee flavor frozen yogurt with Kiwi, granola, and honey. It's definitely my new favorite combo! Jasmine got Mango with Strawberries and yogurt chips, which she enjoyed as well. I was 2 for 2 with my suggestions! Finally, we ended our night with a long walk along the pier in the Village, walking FOREVER while having girl talk, and before we knew it, we were in TriBeCa! We had seriously walked to another part of Manhattan and hadn't even known it! I love great convo, and me and Jasmine definitely have it!

On the way to the city, however, everyone's eyes were peeled and silent chuckles spread through the train station as we spotted this pimp. His get-up was hilarious! I can't believe people really dress like this!


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