Pillow Fight Day 2011.

Everyday, NYC gives me another reason to love it even more! Last night, I was browsing through my favorite Tumblr pages, and I came across a picture of the most amazing looking pillow fight in the middle of the street. I read the caption under it, and my face lit up as I read that NYC's Annual Pillow Fight Day was today! Three hours in Union Square, hundreds of people, hundreds of pillows, GAZILLION feathers. Although my cousin is still in the bed from surgery and a friend bailed, I still decided to spend some 'Me' time and go it alone. It was probably the best thing for me; I saw the fight, took pictures, got covered in feathers, and wandered aimlessly around Manhattan for about 30 minutes. It feels good to do things on my own, not worrying about someone telling me they have to go or they are tired of walking (especially since I find myself walking without a purpose in Manhattan). While watching New Yorkers fight like children, all in good fun, it really hit me. This city is amazing. There are so many awesome random things to do, and there's absolutely no reason why someone should be bored or miserable here! Being miserable in NYC is a choice...and one that I'm NOT choosing! I love it here!


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