New Beginnings. New Opportunities.

Today, I felt like my life in New York has started all over again! I went into the city for a simple meeting, and left with a new job on 5th Avenue! God is so good! I'm excited to start on Thursday, and I'll be working with one of my new friends that I've met since moving to NYC. How perfect? Even more perfect, I'm working right near a bunch of clothing stores (the last thing I need) and a block away from Bryant Park! It's such a dream! Today, after my meeting (and after getting employed), I decided to wait around for another hour and a half until my friend Michelle could leave the office so we could go get dinner.

While waiting, I decided to walk down the block to Bryant Park, and right beside it is the New York Public Library, the site from the Sex and the City movie! I went inside, and it was even more breathtaking than it was onscreen! I took so many pictures, then came back outside to chat with my parents and enjoy this 80 degree weather! I love that I can just take a stroll and see so many beautiful sites anytime I want now! I'm extremely happy with where I am in my life right now, and even more fulfilled than I've ever been in my time in NYC thus far! I definitely have God's favor over my life!


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  1. congrats girl! that is amazing, you're gonna take NYC by storm


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