Making a Difference.

Today was such an amazing day. I assisted at the Harlem Children's Zone Youth Summit, an event geared towards reaching out to youth, addressing issues such as gun violence, hip hop in the media, and uplifting your community, starting with one youth at a time. Panelists such as FUSE and Sirius Radio's Dee Vazquez, BET's April Woodard, and Political and Social Activist Michaela Angela Davis were just a few of the dozens of panelists, performers, and moderators that spoke to the youth, all in an attempt to make a difference in their lives.

The panel I sat in on was entitled "True to the Game," a panel discussing the importance of having a level head in the world of impressionable youth, fleeing from gang violence and delinquency in the streets of Harlem. This panel was truly inspiring, and I thought it was so beautiful to see kids stand up and truly expressing their concerns with making a change in the Harlem community. One girl stood up and said, "I feel hopeless. I want to make a change in my school and in my community, but I'm only one person. I really feel hopeless." Another student stood up and said "All it takes is one person. And if you feel discouraged, it's our responsibility to reach out to you and ask what WE need to do to help you feel more hopeful. I will step up and say that I'm here to help you. We're in this together. This is our community, and all we need is one person, and one more person to stand strong with that one person."

It was surreal to see high schoolers, a generation that I just KNEW didn't care about anything of substance, actually concerned and asking the panelists how they could make a change. It definitely inspired me to dream bigger than I have. The sky is the limit. And if all it takes is one person to change a community, I know that with my faith, I can definitely change my LIFE.


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  1. Very inspiring post. My heart bleeds for the youth. I'm a guidance counselor and try every day to help at least one child to see their potential. This sounds like an amazing event!!! keep posting!!!


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