Growing Up Fast.

In news from Virginia, My mom just sent me a few pictures of my little brother all dressed up and ready for prom. *TEAR* It seems like just yesterday he was starting kindergarten, and now he's taking a girl out for his senior prom! He looks rather handsome, I must add, and his date looks great as well! I loved seeing a couple of pictures from the pre-prom festivities, but it's all a reminder that he's not a little baby anymore! Oh well, he'll always be my little baby!

I'm heading out to the city in a few for margaritas and Mexican with a couple of girls I've met recently. We're all trying to get acclimated to life in the Big Apple, so it will be nice to get together for drinks and discuss the challenges and triumphs that we've faced since moving here at the top of the year! I'm excited! Time to get ready!


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