The Boy with the Ball.

Very strange when I think about it, but today, I found solace in the most unusual place. I went to the gym and worked my butt off, attempting to get my mind off of a few things and just focus on what's most important--my body and my health. I worked out for 2 hours, ran 5 miles, and enjoyed the heat as I sat in my car and just felt the sweat drip from my forehead. Sounds gross, I know, but I love the feeling of sweat rolling down my body during/after a great workout.

When I got home, I showered, listened to music and laid in my bed. Since it's getting a lot warmer lately and it feels amazing outside, I keep my window open around the clock. Outside, a boy was in the alley shooting hoops alone. There were no words, no trash talk amongst a bunch of players on a team--just the boy, his ball, and the sounds of repeated attempts at making a basket. As odd as it sounds, I found it quite peaceful. I turned off my music, and with no TV and no lights, I just laid there on top of my sheets and listened to the sound of his ball, dribbling and hitting the backboard repeatedly. Having the sunset painting an ever-changing image of the Brooklyn sky and my fan generating a calming breeze against my face, I finally cleared my mind of all thoughts and just listened to the boy with the ball.


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