The Biggest Store on Earth.

I had an amazing first day of work! Not only is my boss the most amazing, hilarious firecracker from the Netherlands, but I get to work with one of my newer NYC friends! My office overlooks 5th Avenue, and often times, my coworkers would take a break from working just to watch the busy street of Manhattan 9 floors below.

After work, my good friend Michelle and I decided to venture over to Herald Square and get a little retail therapy at the breathtakingly enormous Macy's. Boy, was it breathtaking. Upon walking in, I noticed multiple signs for Starbucks (5, to be the entire Macy's. Insane, right?) and an elevator that took you to one of the 9 floors. 9 floors for a department store that also takes up a whole block? WITH its own food court? Unreal! What was even more unreal was their shoe selection. I went there expecting to purchase some summer platforms that were the backup plan for the shoes that I REALLY wanted, but couldn't find anywhere. To my surprise, ONE of their many shoe departments had the initial shoe I wanted, and had it on sale! I ended up paying 50 dollars less than what I paid online at SoleStruck (they cancelled the order though; they were out of stock)! So in the end, not only did I have an awesome first day of work, but I didn't have to settle for the shoe I didn't REALLY want, AND I got them on sale! All smiles over here :)


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