Sunset in Soho.

You can't actually see the sunset, but I wanted to post this pic anyways. I'm in LOVE with Soho around sunset. (There was still a great deal of sun out in this picture, but I was about to go into a store and would probably miss the sunset if I waited to snap the picture when I got out.) I just love the way the different colored buildings look as it gets darker. I'm not sure why, I just do. :)

Today, I had a 'Me' day, and roamed aimlessly in the city, all alone. I went to one of my favorite areas, Soho, to pick up a couple of last minute things for my trip to Vegas on Wednesday. I spent the majority of the time just people watching and listening to great new music on my iPod. I got to collect a lot of thoughts, and I decided that I'm incredibly happy with where I am in life right now. Thanks to my great family, especially my irreplaceable Mom, wonderful friends, and an amazing God. I'm so thankful. :)


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