Playing Nurse. Paying Off.

I wasn't able to blog yesterday, and I was kind of bummed about it! My cousin Malikkah got her gull bladder removed, and since my uncle and aunt aren't here during the day, I'm on duty to play nurse and tend to her every need. I haven't been able to leave the house pretty much at all, so it's been very hard to get a picture of the day. :( I have, however, been working on my 2nd editing project; I'm trying hard to get this done so it can go in for publishing! I'm excited!

Last night, I was suffering from a case of insomnia, and I decided to browse the web. I came across this picture, and my heart smiled! This is Al Sharpton and Aaron Wilson, the author of the first book I edited. I love to see Al Sharpton promoting it! It's hard to see the details of the cover, but it's called "Framing the Poet." Great read! It's such a blessing to see my client's book and my hard work getting recognition from such a big name, and it provides a lot of encouragement for me to push harder to get more projects done!


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