Meat Lover.

Quick Post- 3.3.11

Tiona's here! And we've been having a blast! Last night, we headed to Williamsburg for some amazing sushi and met up with my friend Corey. We sat for hours catching up at the same bar Corey and I went to last week, and enjoyed their $1 pizzas. Unfortunately, that pizza between Tiona and I did absolutely nothing for our appetite. We decided to venture across the street to this random pizza shop, and ended up getting some of THE most amazing pizza. Tiona and I got Meat Lovers (awesome, tasted like spaghetti with all of the meats in it) and Corey got a chicken caesar salad pizza, fully equipped with romaine, chicken, croutons, cheese and caesar dressing. It was delish! I got full, and couldn't finish my huge slice, so Tiona did the honors and ate my leftovers. She's so greedy! Hahah

We just finished a great workout, now we're getting ready for more fun today!


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