Inappropriate? Not To Me!

This is my absolute favorite hat! It's so comfy, and adds that feminine flare to any casual day. Unfortunately, Malikkah didn't feel the same way when I threw it over my curls and attempted to wear it to go out for a jog. She and one of her friends burst into laughter the moment I walked into her room and Malikkah demanded I change my hat. How dare her?! The pendant on the satin bow is beautiful, and the cotton knit makes it a great addition to a comfy, casual outfit. And in my opinion, yoga pants and layered long sleeves qualifies as comfy and casual! Even though I explained my wanting to not look completely bummy as I jogged down the street, no one bought my excuse, and Malikkah gave me a more casual "appropriate" hat to wear out in the cold. I caved in and wore it just to please her, but I still think my hat is better! And I WILL wear it next time! I know that her feelings were hurt as I took her off and placed her back in the drawer. :(


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