I Die...

...for Rachel Zoe! For the past few days, while I've been trying to get back to 100%, I've been absolutely obsessed with all things Zoe. I've been reading interviews, looking through her personal site, and watching her shows. I've gone through 2 seasons so far, and I seriously cannot stop watching! She's such an inspiration! I've always believed that stylists make the world go round, and go round in style. Watching her show and how she works hard non-stop just inspires me to work harder and help my boss' brand go even further. I did take a break though, for a couple of my other favorite tv shows, and to eat, of course, but I'm right back at it! Must finish before my best friend Tiona gets here tomorrow...we'll be having too much fun in the city to watch videos on Youtube! :) :) :)


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