Everyday, I look forward to hopping on the computer and catching up with all of my friends, whether via Skype, iChat, FaceTime, or social networking sites. I swear I have the greatest friends! I tend to video chat for hours on end, watching tv shows together, picking fun of each other, and just having a great time. It feels like I'm not even hundreds of miles away! One friend in particular, Special Agent Foxxy Pants (she wont' let me call her by her birth name anymore), entertains me nonstop with her judging looks and her animated reactions to my outlandish ideas and thought processes. "You see my eyebrow? .....It's raised." is her reaction to everything I say that she finds unacceptable.

Today was such a glum day. It rained all day long, and although I love love love when it rains, I didn't want to go back outside after I got home from work. To add to it, I didn't get to sleep until 6am this morning, so it was only natural that I passed out for 4 hours after getting home and doing a little cleaning. When I woke up, I caught up with Special Agent Foxxy Pants via Skype, and as always, I was hit with the eyebrow raise and...this time, a personal threat! I love Skyping and FaceTiming with her, but if this behavior continues, I'm gonna have to ignore her calls!


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