Your Royal Shyness.

Rushing to get this done before midnight!! Today was a great, yet busy day! I got tons of work done, and in the midst of me being productive for my job, I did a little something for myself! My nails were WAYYY overdue for a polish change, so I *gulp* attempted to do it myself. Didn't turn out GREAT, but I think everyone knows I'm the worst when it comes to painting my own nails. I adore this color, though. "My Royal Shyness" is so fun, and looks great year round. I love everything OPI, except the fact that the polish bottles are ridiculously hard to get open...I almost broke a tooth!

To add to a productive day, Malikkah and I went out for a girls' night, and tried out this Thai spot. I loved it! Her? Not so much. She's more of a simple kinda girl; doesn't really like trying new things. We wanted to see the new James Cameron movie, but at 17 dollars we decided to go to the matinee tomorrow. I can't wait! 11:59....toodles! *pants heavily*


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