Words to Live By.

I got this book for Christmas, and I seriously cannot stop going through it and re-reading it! This is BY FAR the best book I've ever read for pleasure; her writing style is impeccable and it is such an easy read. She gives cutthroat pointers of what you should/should not do when searching for, starting a new, or seeking promotion and fulfillment in a job, specifically in the editorial and publishing field. And since I moved to New York in search of editorial work, this book is a GODSEND! Nothing is sugarcoated, and she is by far one of the most credible authors for this subject matter. Former President of Hearst Magazine and USA Today, Cathie Black serves as a great mentor, especially for beginners in the industry like myself.

"Basic Black" stays in my purse at all times, and any time I'm taking a long train ride, killing time in Starbucks, or not in the mood for TV or internet, I love cracking this book open, pen and highlighter in hand!


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