While I Wait. (Still a Tourist?)

Today was quite an eventful day; full of surprises, achievements, great meals and lots of laughter with people I love. The part of my day that seemed to be the most lagging, however, was the trip to Tribeca with Malikkah as she tied a few loose strings with her graduate school. She left the car with "I'll be right back," but for some reason, I knew this wait would be way longer than her tone implied. Of course, I didn't mind waiting TOO much-- I got to spend a great amount of time just hanging around in Tribeca, looking like a tourist instead of a New York resident as I stare at its beautiful glass buildings that I knew housed a bunch of important people. Not to sound stalkerish, but most of the curtains in the oversized windows were completely pulled back, and you could see some amazing decor inside the lower levels...it was breathtaking. Makes me anxious to finally get a place of my own and start decorating! (I have my theme picked out. ^_^)

After a while, what seemed like hundreds of skips on my iPod, I grew impatient and got tired of waiting for Malikkah to finally come out. It seemed like FOREVER! I really enjoyed snapping pics of everything, ready to use "I just need a picture of the day for my blog!" to any bold soul who dared to give me the pitiful look as they wondered why I didn't decide to wear a fanny pack to top off the tourist look (I DO wear the occasional fanny pack, btw. I make it look sooo cool though haha.). I took a few more pics of Tribeca and got a couple of really good ones when we went to a happy hour nearby. Those are for my personal collection though!

Heading back to the city in a few for dinner and drinks...I'm ready to try out a new spot!


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