Super Cat.

I fell in love with a cat today! I have never really been into them, and I actually used to hate them because my mom has always been anti-cats, but I've gradually been warming up to them, especially since my friend Morg has three that are just too cute. Unfortunately, they don't love me like I'd like to love them :( Today, however, was a breakthrough day with my relationships with those little mini-lions! We went to a friend's house, and she had the cutest cat ever to greet us at the door! He didn't run when I reached down to pet him, and he even jumped on my lap when I held out my arms! It was love at first sight. He rolled over and let me pet him, and all day he rubbed his head against my foot. When I said "bye," he meowed, and meowed every single time I said it. I think that was his way of saying "please don't leave meee!" We had a connection. I took this picture of him once I realized that he didn't hate me like Morgan's cats, and his eyes came out super bright and creepy in the picture. I think this was the moment he started to cast his spell on me...making me fall in loveeee. :)


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