New Memories.

I forgot all about this picture that was taken on the red carpet at the Byron Lars show! After we finished our super long (and painful for me) shift, we decided to stop and take a picture as everyone left the show. This is me with Raina (Japanese Vogue). I love this girl! She taught me so much in just that one night, and I'm looking forward to working with her again one day!! And don't worry, she's not that much taller than me. I quickly changed into my flats and she kept her comfy Jeffrey Campbell wedges on!

I didn't have too many pictures to use for today's picture (I was due to post 2), so I decided to use this one in addition to the previous one. This one means more to me than any picture I could've snapped today anyway! More excitement coming soon!


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  1. Janna I am soooooo Happy for you and proud of you for going for your dreams and really making them a reality! I miss you tons and will call soon to hear how things are.



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