A New Love?

I'd like to think I'm a little biased to the Arch Diner, that place I went to on my first night in NYC. Everything I had there (and yes, I pick off of everyone's plate) was delish, so I wasn't so sure I wanted to try this new place down the street from the theater Malikkah and I went to today. But the moment I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised! The first thing that caught my eyes was the large dessert case filled with red velvet cake, cheesecakes, carrot cakes, and fresh fruit tarts rotating seductively. I managed to resist, though. Next, I was impressed rows and rows of pictures of celebrities that make frequent trips to the Lindenwood Diner. Susan Sarandon, Mariah Carey, and Mike Epps, just to name a fraction of the people on the wall, helped generate an enormous buzz for this restaurant, and it definitely proves worthy of all the praise it receives.

I got my usual, pancakes, eggs, and bacon, and Malikkah got the chicken quesadillas. The pancakes taste like none I've ever tasted before, and were so huge I could seriously only eat one. Malikkah's quesadillas were amazing as well, and came accompanied by homemade salsa. I love Arch Diner, and plan to visit frequently for some of the greatest french toast and buffalo wings (yes, I ate them together) I've ever tasted, the great prices, and the perfect location (right around the corner), but I would definitely recommend Lindenwood diner for anyone who is in that area!


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  1. OMG!! This is the diner my family and I frequent sundays after church. The staff is so nice and one waiter has never, EVER written anything down. Lindenwood will ALWAYS be my favorite diner!!!


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