My Sick Addiction.

I don't know what it is with me and these little Cadbury Eggs, but I just know that before I can remember, my brothers and I were cracking these babies open and devouring them every Easter. I remember us waiting for them to come back out, and every trip to the grocery store would leave their shelves empty and our hands full. The chocolate literally melts in your hands, the cream inside is so smooth, and it just spills out as soon as you take a bite. So good! Although I'm not living in Virginia with my family anymore, that doesn't stop me from making trips to the stores and buying enough to last me the week. They remind me so much of home! Don't worry, I'm eating them in moderation; my one sweet thing for the day...these babies can NOT be healthy! My sick addiction; my guilty pleasure.

(Congrats Blake Griffin!)


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