Memories of AussieLand.

How cute (and amazing) is this picture??!! Taken by yours truly, I came across this picture and immediately got a sense of nostalgia as I browsed through the remainder of the photos in this album. In 2005, I spent nearly a month in Australia, traveling from state to state, snapping gorgeous pictures along the way. I was taking a huge risk by sticking my hand over the fence, but I got a great picture out of it! I'm still proud of myself! There were other koalas that we were able to hold, ones that weren't so scared of humans. I'm in love with these little creatures! Their butts are too soft to sit on, so they spend the majority of their day in trees or walking around.When we held them, we had to hold their butts so they'd know that they weren't falling, which also prevents them from digging their claws into your skin. Just looking at this picture as I type makes me want to go back to Australia soon... I absolutely love it there!

Today was such a relaxing day, and since I didn't have to work, I got to look through old albums and various things I brought to NYC with me that reminded me of home and friends. No, I'm not getting homesick, t's just good to remember that in the midst of trying to build a new life for yourself, there are people and events that have shaped you into the person you are today and hope to become tomorrow. Australia is definitely one of those retroactive experiences. I gained an immense sense of independence and inquisitiveness about life that makes it so easy for me to move and discover life in a new area. I'm so thankful for all of the experiences I've had, good and bad, for they all contribute to the person I am today and the life I continue to build here in NYC. =)


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