Life's Little Inconveniences.

I never in a million years thought that I would spend an entire day retyping old papers on my new computer, but...thanks to my missing thumb drive, I'm forced to! Being an English major and seeking work in the editorial field, it's inevitable that potential employers are going to ask for a few writing samples. Luckily, I saved at least one hard copy of everything I've ever written. So although retyping these papers is a hassle, I count it as a blessing! This was the first stack of papers...pretty much all I had energy for today. Maybe I'll tackle another stack tomorrow...or maybe I'll wait until the weekend to kick back with some good music, a nice cup of tea, and tons of papers! I hate my old thumb drive for going on a permanent vacation without my consent!!

(yes, that's my leopard snuggie at the bottom of the picture ^_^)


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