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I worked all day long yesterday, so by the time I made it home, I was completely worn out and couldn't post. :(

Yesterday, I had the honor of working PR at the Byron Lars Beauty Mark Fashion Show yesterday. It was an incredible experience! I met so many great people, and learned so much about the fashion industry and the behind-the-scenes hard work involved with putting on a successful show. I worked with a sweet girl named Raina (spelling?) from Japanese Vogue. She was so graceful and extremely knowledgeable about the industry and has done quite a few shows since being in her position at JV. I followed her lead, taking mental notes on everything from how she carried herself to how she interacted with our superiors. She's seasoned, very wise and had such class, and I knew that learning from our time working together would be a wise decision. The turnout was great and I really enjoyed being in contact with everyone who came out to support Byron and his amazing Fall 2011 line!

The night did, however, take a turn for the worst when I realized that I would be standing for about 4 hours straight, no seat in sight, checking people in. I wore one of the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I own, and I was paying for it all night long! My feet were burning, my back started hurting, and now my legs are super sore! Even after I the show was over and I finally got to put on my flats to go home, I could barely walk to the subway! After about 5 blocks I finally gained the feeling back in my feet, and decided to meet Malikkah for dinner and a theatre production. I was exhausted, and passed out immediately after getting home. No hanging out late for me!

Today, when I told my boss, who came to the show with his client, April Woodard, about the hell my feet endured during the show, he responded with little to no sympathy. "Your feet hurt. That means you looked good." Raina wore wedges by Jeffrey Campbell and she was fine the entire night...AND looked good! I'll be investing in his shoes the next time I have a show! I've always loved them, but never thought to buy some of my own. All in all, yesterday was a great day! I feel so blessed to be a part of Fashion Week!


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