Fun with the Flu.

This weekend I expected to have fun in the sun, not a care in the world, enjoying this time with my loved ones. Instead, I entertained cold sweats, body aches, and a cough that was out of this world. Unbelievable! I hadn't been sick in what seemed like ages, and the one weekend I knew I'd be able to see my parents, my little brother, and baby Rylee, I was coming down with what I just knew was the flu! I popped pills, drank plenty of liquids, and took hot showers to get well enough to play on my Macbook with Rylee. She was in love with it!

"Baby!" she screamed every time she was ready to hop back on the camera and strike her signature pose. She loved seeing herself on the screen and throwing her arms up every time she heard the camera counting down. We had THE best time together! I managed to break her away from the camera long enough to go get a mani-pedi with mama, Rylee strapped down to our laps. In no time, she was pulling her socks off and trying to stick her feet in the water. Me and mama always have a great time together, and Rylee added to it!

Now, I'm back in the city, in bed (and have been all day) coughing my poor little heart out. Luckily, the cold sweats and body aches are gone, so now it feels like a common cold. I should be better in no time!


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