February 16. Feel Like a Kid Again.

I can't believe I forgot to post yesterday! I was by my computer all day, thinking "Oh yeah, I'll post it in just a sec." Next thing I know, it was 3am, and it suddenly hits me! I feel so horrible! Next time, I'm gonna post as soon as it comes to mind.

I had such a relaxing day. I did some work, got in a good workout, and organized my room a little bit. I also began looking for new hairstyles; I'm getting tired of this one! In the midst of searching for a new style, I decided to go downstairs to look for something to munch on. I found these! I haven't seen these in YEARS! I felt like a kid as I dipped and crunched all day. I had like 4 of these! (Embarrassed face). Now all I need to do is find some Dunkaroos and I'm a happy camper!


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