One thing I will always miss about being back in college at James Madison University (besides the amazing food....#3 in the nation baby!) is the amazing view of the mountains that you can get from nearly any spot you stand in all of Harrisonburg, VA. Miles and miles of beautiful landscape become pleasantly overwhelming, and suddenly your life seems to make sense. Sounds dramatic, but I'm serious! To be able to just go outside and see, at any moment, something breathtaking is such a blessing. I believe things like that are little reminders that God is real, and he loves to see his children smile.

Today, I had one of those reminders.

After work, I came home and decided to lay in bed with the drapes drawn back while listening to Jack Johnson. As the sun set and my room got darker, I opted against turning on any light, tv or lamp, and just stared out the window, hoping to get a glimpse of what I miss so much about JMU. Although not as elaborate as the sunsets against the rolling hills in Harrisonburg, I appreciated this little glimpse of natural beauty. Living in the city, you tend to forget that there are beautiful things that aren't manmade, and this was the perfect momentary escape from the "big city of bright lights." Made my day. :)


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