Don't Let the Angle Fool You...

I'm on top of the world.

Today, my boss and I went into the city to partake in some New York Fashion Week festivities. It was a surreal experience; tons of people everywhere with one thing on their minds: Fashion. I loved it! And because of my boss' position in the fashion world, we got to network with some amazing designers who designed everything from sports bras to fur-like jewelry, and an almost completely sheer clothing line to leather bow-ties. I was so impressed with everyone's pieces, and it was incredible to know that each item was built by hand; the companies built from the ground up. I have never been in a room with such talent! Today was an excellent networking opportunity, and I'm so grateful to be able to have such a position that lets me not only attend, but help out at the legendary Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

This sculpture was waiting at the top of the subway as I made my way out onto the street. Right in front of Central Park, this sculpture summed up exactly how I continue to feel, day in and day out. Before my eyes is a world of opportunity, and the possibilities are endless. Although this model is obviously not true to size and is far too big to hold, the world is practically in my hands, and there's nothing I can't do; nowhere I can't go. I have the utmost faith in God and in myself, and I'll continue to grow. As long as I continue to see the world as something tangible and not something so far out of reach, greatness is in store for my life.

Tomorrow I'm working the Byron Lars show, also at the Lincoln Center. I'm so excited! I can't believe how blessed I am to be able to experience this after not even being a New Yorker for one whole month! God is good!


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