Doc Marten.

Thursday, February 24th.

Once again, I'm behind on my picture of the day. I know, it's horrible, but I've been so busy meeting up with friends and going out that all of the pictures that I take I can't post until the next day! I'll seriously try to do better!

These past couple of days have been so rainy, and strangely enough, I like it! I feel like it hasn't really rained in a while, and as of last night, it has really been pouring down! This gives me the perfect opportunity to wear my Doc Martens, by far one of my favorite pair of shoes. They're so comfy, and the bright, bold color brings sunshine to any dreary looking day! So even though my cousin was angry that our plans to go out were intruded on by steady rainfall, I didn't mind jumping through puddles on our way to the villiage! And days like today, when I'm off work and can sleep in, are my favorite! I woke up early, ate, and fell back asleep while listening to the rain against my window. Perfect!

I'll be out of commission these next couple of days. I'm leaving NYC for the weekend, and since this is a blog about my days in New York, I won't be posting for today (Friday) and Saturday. Well, I'm going to see a special someone, so I probably will post a picture from that day. I'm excited!


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