Unpleasant Surprises.

Last night was my first time out at a Manhattan nightclub. Malikkah and I went to Webster Hall (tons of fun, by the way) to get a taste of the nightlife since Friday was Malikkah's only day off since I've been here. Not only were there 3 very different floors of great music, free spirits and delicious (yet expensive) drinks, but we got a free concert! Bobby Valentino and Pleasure P. both performed all of their singles, and to my surprise, sounded great live! I had a blast. Until.....

Toward the end of the night, we decided to beat the crowd and head out early....only to be greeted with THIS...

I was sooo not in the mood to walk nearly 3 blocks in the snow, especially when I had nothing to cover my hair with! Little did I know, the unexpected was awaiting us as we turned the corner.

"I want to cum in your mouth.....EVERY DROP. EVERY DROP!"

I turn my head, and lo and behold, a homeless man sits in a doorway, BUTT NAKED, grabbing himself, yet leaving little to the imagination. Malikkah and I break out in a little less than a full on sprint as we fear that he may be behind us, chasing us with his penis flailing in the wind, slowly becoming covered in snow. The mental image was horrendous as I sprint to the car in 5 inch heels, ignoring the fact that I may slip and fall in the snow at any given moment, only for the bare offender to catch me and begin fulfilling his sexual fantasies on a helpless newbie to the city.

Welcome to NYC?



  1. OMG!! I've had some crazy things happen to me when I've visited NYC ... but NEVER THAT! LOL

  2. butt naked homeless man... lol smh

  3. Janna really???? I can't believe that CRAZY!!!!!!!!


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