The Nameless Cup.

Today was a super relaxing day. I wanted to sleep in, but I got a call to meet my cousin at the doctor's office. I got there all by myself! I was so proud...I was so focused on not getting lost that I didn't even notice how cold it was! I did, however, need a latte to warm myself up after a while, and although there was a Starbucks a couple of blocks down, I decided to do the unthinkable. I *gulp* went to a local coffee shop!! To my surprise, it was REALLY GOOD! I got a chai tea latte, and it was like Christmas in a cup. I'll definitely be going back there whenever I'm in Brooklyn Heights (which is often, since my gym is there and I've vowed to get/stay in shape!).. ^_^

Malikkah and I also went to a diner at the end of our block, and although it wasn't Arch Diner, the DELISH diner we went to my first night here, it was pretty decent for a cheap spot so close to home! Tomorrow is gonna be a SUPERR busy day, starting at 4am. Hanging out at the gym while Malikkah works, getting in a great workout when she gets off, and then shopping in SoHo! Looking for the perfect dress for this weekend...EXCITED!


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