A Taste of New York.

Today was my first day having NYC Chinese takeout! I feel like I have been missing out all this time! It's so delish! I have to eat this in moderation though, because I can definitely tell that I'll be making many calls to have this delivered...it took like 10 minutes to get here! Perfectttt.

I had a pretty chill day today...didn't go to sleep until 4:30 (bad, I know) so I ended up sleeping in until about 11...just in time for my cousin Malikkah to get home from work. We chatted for a little bit, ate a light breakfast, and ended passing out again. So terrible! I DID unpack the rest of my things (FINALLY!!! ^_^) and watched a movie, and now I'm sitting in the bed stuffed from this Chinese.

Time to go! I need to find something to wear...we're hitting the streets of Manhattan tonight! Excited!

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