Snowy Setbacks.

I know I've been MIA since Thursday, but I had good reason! In my defense, this blog is called "A Big Apple A Day," documenting my first 365 days in NYC. Lucky for me, I was able to escape the God-awful snow that kept accumulating by the minute, resulting in nearly 20 inches (insert sad face). I was ESPECIALLY sad since I was supposed to be going to visit JMU and spend the weekend with great friends and have great times. But I managed to shovel myself out just enough to break free (insert happy face!). I left New York on Thursday, and didn't get back until today, so my Pictures of the Day" will resume tomorrow :) Actually....I'll keep true to my word and post a picture for Thursday, and share a couple of pictures taken over the weekend! See, the snow didn't COMPLETELY ruin my mission....only a minor setback. :)

Thursday, Malikkah and I decided to head to Soho in search of the perfect dress for the weekend at JMU. Once we fought our way out of the snow, there was no stopping us! We ended up getting GORGEOUS digs at Topshop, but because we got off on the wrong train stop, we ended up at least 10 blocks away. I didn't mind though; I enjoyed looking at the many restaurants and bars that I now plan to stop by the next time I'm in the mood for fun in the city (which is almost like....ALWAYS).

Anywho, we walked right past DASH, the Kardashian's boutique in Soho, and I wished it was open so I can browse their racks! That just gives me one more reason to head back to Soho soon! ;-)


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