Snow, Snow,.....and More Snow.

I decided to watch the news this morning instead of my usual George Lopez (apparently my ungodly alarm clock beats GMA, Regis & Kelly and The Today Show up in the mornings -_-). I had heard talk of snow last night, but in no way was I prepared for what the news reporters were predicting. 5 inches of snow? No way! Luckily, I was expected to be home around noon, and the snow was expected to start around 5ish. Jokes on me!

After my workout, I decided to head out to Starbucks a few blocks away and send out some resumes and look up a few jobs. On the way IN Starbucks, I saw a couple of flurries and thought nothing of it. On the way OUT? CHAOS! In a matter of 2 hours (yes, 2 hours in Starbucks is like 10 minutes in JannasAddictiontoStarbucks land.) the streets were completely covered, and I could feel my feet sinking into the accumulating inches with each step. Despite how cold it was, or how much I wish I would've gotten a to-go latte, I couldn't help but marvel at how beautiful it was as I made my way from Starbucks back to the gym. The tree branches were completely covered, and the pure white snow against the rich brownstones of Brooklyn Heights suddenly made me wish I lived in one of them; I'd kill for that gorgeous view.

I just hope the snow stops and clears for my big weekend trip back to my Alma Mater! I miss JMU!

I'd better go... Ava, my good friend from Coastal Carolina University is stopping by in a few minutes! I haven't seen her since transferring in 2007, and we have so much catching up to do! I'm so happy she only lives 4 train stops away!


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