First Day of the Best Days....

Simple picture, I know, but to me, this signifies the start to a greattttt future. As I sat in the back seat of my cousin's car, heading to a friend's house, I grew concerned that I may not fit in or be able to relate to these New Yorkers as a Southern gal who spent her entire life in the suburbs. WRONG! The minute I walked into the house, I was greeted with open arms by a bunch of Haitian women yelling "Welcome to New Yorkkkk! You're gonna love it!" In their thick Creole accents. They fed me drink after drink, ensuring that my first night in my new hometown would be one to remember, and it definitely left its footprint in my history book. Not only was I surprised to find their aggressive, opinionated, loud manner in which they interacted not at all intimidating, but one girl in particular, Stephania, took the time to sit and talk to me about why I decided to pick up and move to New York, what I expected to get out of this city rich with opportunity, and how I should go about with the job searching process.

Having people in your corner ready to help you achieve your dreams or even give any possible advice is incredibly heartwarming, and I'm beyond excited for this new life that I'm embarking upon. So......there's January 15th! Late, I know, but with good reason ;-)

Stay tuned for the other 364 days!

(oh yeah....don't forget about the Mama blog, :)

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