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Catching up... January 16th, 2011.

After finally getting all of my bags and bins in the house, I decided to kick back and watch a few movies with the fam. We watched 'Brown Sugar', 'Chicago', and a few minutes of 'The Spirit' until I escaped up to my room (feels kinda weird to say that ^_^) and have some ME time. I cuddled up with a little brain food for a few hours. Taking in everything my favorite mags had to say, I found comfort and inspiration as I prepare for my zealous pursuit into editorial industry. Reading these makes me excited!

I'm currently reading "Basic Black" by Cathie Black, the President of Hearst Magazines, and she gives a story about how CosmoGIRL! began. Atoosa Rubenstein pitched the idea, and Black told her to have a prototype of what she wanted the magazine to look like, the messages she wanted it to project, and examples of recurring articles. Rubenstein collected magazines, spent hours cutting and gluing, comprised a full issue in just a couple of sleepless nights and VOILA! Hello CosmoGIRL! :) Seeing my ever-growing magazine collection makes my heart smile because should I ever get presented with that task, I know I'm fully prepared to deliver!

Okay..enough chatting..time to catch up with the rest of my days!

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