Baby's Foot.

Finally caught up.... January 17th, 2011 This is the foot of my baby brother. Yes, my BABY brother. He's 17 years old and wears a size 16 shoe. Insane. Last night, his last night in New York before he and my parents said their goodbyes and headed back to Virginia *tear*, we were cuddled up in bed watching movies when my cousin suddenly got freaked out by the size of the boat he was resting on the wall. That was at around 2am, so TECHNICALLY, it was the 17th..hehe. But people are constantly amazed at how large he is at such a young age, and my cousin Malikkah could not get over how large his feet are compared to her hand. I absolutely love this picture, not only because it's hilarious and looks like something from a Ripley's Believe it or Not book, but because it's my little brother's foot, and my little brother is my heart and soullll. I'd have him on my blog every single day if I could :)

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